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Baby, how’s your day been?
I’ve been dying to know
Translate into expression
I can’t see your smile through the phone

Every time I look into your eyes
I feel like a bird taking flight for the very first time
But that feeling’s been hard to find
‘Cause lately I’ve been caught up in the grind

What happened to our summer plans?
Take a car to the beach, write our names in the sand
Now the autumn rains are falling again
Another year’s slipping right through our hands

Seasons fly like planes, time does the same
And I know that won’t change
But let me say I love the way you look today

Baby, this won’t do
Last time it was your turn
I whispered that I love you
Sleepily as you left for work

It seems there’s always something getting in the way
Whether it’s my ambitions or our daily occupations
Patience is a virtue but now I just want to see you

I want to take the day off from work
Make you some dinner and take you out to a concert
Buy you your favorite shirt, maybe sometime in the future

Although cliché, life‘s just a game
We’ve not yet learned to play
But let me say I love the way you look today

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