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Hi, I'm Evan.

I grew up on an organic farm in Upstate New York.


I wrote my first song at 17 after I found out the girl I went to prom with wasn't interested in moving forward with me romantically.


I learned through this that I enjoy externalizing my thoughts and feelings through chords and melodies (ie songwriting).

It's funny that I didn't realize I enjoyed writing until I didn't have to do it for school anymore.

I didn't go to college.


I lived in Europe for a year. When I got back I worked on the farm with my family for a few months, long enough to save up some money to move to a city and get better at writing and performing.


I chose Portland, Oregon.

I'm still not entirely sure why I chose Portland, but I had fun there. I got into my first relationship soon after moving, and I wrote and recorded two EPs about it, one called Green and one called Gray. You can think of Green as the high of the relationship and Gray as the comedown. You could also think of Green as the summer in Portland and Gray as the rest of the year. It rains a lot there.

I sold out my release show for Green in 2018. It was pretty neat.


In 2019 I visited my friend in Los Angeles and realized after about 4 days that I had to move there.

So I did.

And I started writing songs every day.


I finished up an old songwriting notebook of mine I started in 2017, and I realized I needed to increase my song output. So I bought a standard 1 subject, 70 page notebook and told myself I would write a song every single day until I filled the notebook.

That's 140 songs, and that story will be the premise of my next project.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.



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