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Matter of Thought

Time wakes up inside his nest
He shakes off his feathers and hopes for the best
He's nervous, he's nervous

Prepares for work, though he doesn't know why
He thinks quietly to himself, "Do I
Exist? Exist?"

Oh, that poor thing
Such great responsibility
Jumps from nest
Reluctantly into the west

But where does the time go?
I know it flies
But where to I don't know

I wake up inside my bed
From the hundred million thoughts speeding through my head
That do not connect

I can't seem to catch them before they're gone
Like if my mind were a road it'd be the autobahn and
I can't stand this traffic

They drive limitless
In psychological bliss
Why would they resist?
I'm a hopeless hitchhiker to them

But I still need a ride
And if thought's a train
Then I just can't keep mine

But still I try to reside
In these moments but they're so agile
They walk past me and they ask me
"Don't you miss us now that we've elapsed?"

and I do

Stories always sound
Better from the mouth of someone else
Photos lie constantly saying to my mind,
"What you're doing with your life ain't enough."

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