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I Don’t Think About You


I don't think about you

When there's no one to talk to

Or when I'm making food

Or when I ought to


Especially not

When I walk down the block

And see the restaurants

It doesn't bring back thoughts

Because I don't think about you


You don't cross my mind

When I walk outside 

And see glass from the pipe

You dropped when we got high


And that does not remind

Me of all the times you tried

To keep our love alive

When I wanted to resign

Because you don't cross my mind


And I did not dream

That you were here with me

You did not disappear

When we touched and it seems


The fact of the matter is

I cannot convince myself that

You do not exist

When everything comes back to this 

But I did have that dream


I took a trip

To San Francisco

To get my mind off of it

I went to see this show


And ran into a comedian

I'd seen in Oregon

I said what a coincidence

He said "I remember that. 

But weren't you there with someone?"

Well, yes I was

But that’s over and done

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