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Airport Wifi


We’ll be landing soon

So please take a minute and put away your carry on items including laptops

Feel free to keep using and charging your phones, tablets, and e-readers

Just make sure they’re into airplane mode

And if you’re sitting in exit row please unplug all devices from the outlets for landing

Now’s also the time to put away your tray tables

Put your seat backs up

Turn your head rest to the original position and fasten your seatbelt

If you’re sitting near a window…


You were airport wifi

And I was in between flights

I brought books to read and had songs to write

But I chose you instead


You were just airport wifi

3 bars and a code

I even got your password and opened settings

To enter it into my phone


And watch the reception load

So I could waste time and watch an episode

And on paper everything should’ve worked

But nothing did


So no hard feelings, babe

We don’t ask the sun for rain

So there’s no sense in throwing blame

But it sure is a shame that we just didn’t connect

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