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The full version of 'Green', which comes with an extra song and digital liner notes, is available on my Bandcamp, and the streaming version is available on my SoundCloud, YouTubeiTunes, Spotify, and anywhere else you can find music. I'd love to hear your opinion on it, so feel free to send me an email at!


My idea for Green was to have it be a snapshot of my life from when I was 18-19, which is when all of the songs were written. It covered some of the insanity of going to and leaving Switzerland (where I lived for a year as an exchange student), biking to Portland from Salt Lake City, the heartbreak I was experiencing at the time, getting into dating, and the honeymoon phase of my first relationship. 

I hear a lot of my heroes, in references to their younger selves, saying, "Man, I was so green back then!" 

Green, to me, is inexperience seen in a positive light. It's being the new guy who doesn't know much but is attentive and willing to learn. It's that young, fresh, and optimistic, if naive, view on life. Everything at this point was new and exciting, and that's exactly the energy I tried to capture in these recordings. 

I hope you enjoy it.


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